Integrated Industrial Automation

Design and implementation of automated control and monitoring systems in an industrial environment. Modernization and optimization of technological processes and production

Dispatching building engineering systems (BMS)

Distributed intelligence-based systems for centralized control of ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, energy supply, energy consumption, lighting, heating and microclimate of buildings

Audiovisual equipment and multimedia solutions

Creating a comfortable communication environment for meetings, negotiations, presentations, advertising and entertainment campaigns, lectures and training sessions using the latest digital technologies

Integrated security systems

Intelligent hardware and software systems for continuous monitoring of the situation at the protected sites, centralized control and operational management

Training systems for dispatchers of energy enterprises

Hardware and software systems, applied training systems for training, testing and monitoring skills of operational dispatch personnel

Engineering Infrastructure Systems

The latest effective engineering technologies to build a comfortable and safe working environment, including the data center, taking into account all aspects of further operation

Specialized System Integrator

System integration is a vital approach for the infrastructure of any modern organization, which guarantees a cost-effective, comfortable and safe living environment.


The integrating engineering AVITIST-TECHNOPLUS company specializes in large-scale integrated service cycles - from design to the full implementation of complex automated systems of informatization, management, security and vocational training at energy, oil refining, mining and industrial facilities.

More detailed

The main criteria for the effectiveness of AVITIST-TECHNOPLUS system integration solutions are:

deep implementation experience

painstaking work of highly professional specialists

successful industrial practice

We don’t just create systems, we reform your need for system integration into the energy of right decisions.


Our advantages

Highly professional staff

Highly professional staff

Individual approach

Individual approach

Best offer

Best offer

Interaction with industry leaders

Interaction with industry leaders

Well-structured logistics

Well-structured logistics

Our partners

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